How To Maintain A Silky Blowout

So I've been wearing my hair straight for the past three weeks and even through almost a week of rainy days, my tresses are still silky straight. Nope, I didn't stay in the house, I haven't done it over and I haven't retouched it with the flat iron or blow dryer. So what is the secret to maintaining that silky straight blowout?

Here are a few tried and proven tricks:

Before taking a shower, wrap hair in a scarf, then put a shower cap on top of the scarf. Pay close attention to make certain all traces of hair is covered.

Wrap hair each night. Secure hair with 3-4 large hair pins. Then cover with a silk scarf. I also sleep on satin pillow case to eliminate friction.

Dry Shampoo in between washings. As I mentioned before, it has been three weeks-THREE WEEKS since I've washed. Normally, I couldn't last three days, but it is not bothering me at all because I've dry shampooed my hair. Part the hair with rat-tail comb. Using a q-tips soaked with astringent such as Dr. Feel Good, gently wipe the scalp. The astringent extracts the dirt and oil from the scalp and leaves it tingling fresh. Another good option for dry shampoo is Bumble and Bumble Powder Shampoo (this was a recommendation).

Put your hair in a ponytail during rainy weather. Keeping your hair in a ponytail will keep your hair from getting wet and frizzy. Of course, make sure you have an umbrella to protect your hair and minimize your exposure in the rain.

Oh, I almost forgot, don't fret from exercising! Wrapping hair while engaging in physical activity will prevent frizziness.
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These are all of my tips as well for maintaining straight and silky hair... I've never tried the dry shampoo though. I might look into it.

Is that you in the pic?

No, that's not me, it's some random pic I found on the net.

These are great tips, I'll definitely try them next time I straighten my hair.

How do you maintain it in humid weather?

Nina @

Those are great suggestions! I'm planning to start wearing my hair straight again in a few weeks and this is just what I need. I have a hard time lasting so I will try the astringent method. I also plan to start exercising soon and I will try the wrapping technique as well. Thanks for sharing.

UC to Beautifully.Conjured.Up

The key is to stay out of the humidity as much as possible. I just put my hair in a ponytail during the humid days. Of course, my edges and ends got a little frizzy. But most of the hair is protected in the ponytail. When I came home, I would immediately spray some Olive Oil Sheen on it and wrap it up (good and tight, but not too tight). The next day, it's straight again.

You provide great tips! Thank you. I love my blow dryer too.

Good tips. Thanks a lot for the tips.

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Good article with good looking hair image.

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