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Last week I decided that I wanted to go back to my roots and get a flexi-set, so I set an appointment with my very reliable stylist Valerie over at Serenity Salon. Although Valerie isn't a "Natural Hair" stylist, she was instrumental in helping me transition to natural. She is the one stylist who told me that natural hair can be set on rods, flexi-rods etc. I couldn't believe it, after all so many other stylists suggested that it could not be done. She proved them wrong.

I would visit her shop on a weekly basis over a period of 9 or more months while she rod set my hair on flexi-rods. Boy did I love those flexi-sets! My hair was so cute that one of the other stylist in the salon began to flexi-set her own hair and I received many compliments on the style. The only down side to natural hair flexi-sets is that they do not last more than a week. However, it is great if you can learn how to do them at home. My attempts with flexi-sets have been less than stellar, so this is why I've decided to go back to my roots.

So, I am jet-setting to Valerie on Saturday morning to see if I can get a similar style to the above picture of Michelle Williams. My hair is not this long and yes, I know that's weave, but I want the curls. Let's see what happens!
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I like this style too. Make sure you share the photos of the results.

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