Just When I Was Feeling All Uplifted Inside...

I clicked over to one of my daily blogs and saw this post about the behaviors of some women from the LHCF.com. The post accuses some supporters of this site of attacking others and being delusional (chuckling, I'm sorry I had to laugh). For those of you that are like myself, know little about the LHCF but must admit I have gotten a tip or two from some of the ladies who frequent this site. Now, I am the first to say that that I am sure the behaviors of the select few who are negative and attack other hair care enthusiasts do not represent the masses of wonderful ladies over at that site. However, I will say that that negative behaviors saddens me because hair care advice is just that advice-an opinion. And I think people get too caught up in what works for them and what doesn't-that they forget the most important fact about hair. That is we all have different hare types, structures, and tolerance. Therefore, what may work for one person does not work for all.

Understanding this is an important step in being able to read some advice whether you agree or disagree, say "ok", and move on or "BYPASS" lol, as Ateyaaa states in her video. I think negatively attacking someone else's opinion is unproductive and further divides us (sounding like a Democrat). So, before posting negative comments or attacking another's opinion, please keep in mind that what may work for some, may not work for you. That does not mean that it doesn't work or it's wrong. It may mean you are not doing it right or it doesn't agree with your hair composition, structure, or type.

Now I am not "delusional" in thinking that all products, tips or methods work, but I try to keep in mind that "all products are not for all hair types" before I stamp something as ineffective. Plus I am a strong believer that attacking others credibility, when you're not an expert is down right counter productive. As we are all here to enlighten, uplift and fill that gap that has so long been overlooked by hair care marketers and stylists.

With that said, here's Ateyaaa's video in response to her attackers. Gotta love it...but I agree with her, if you don't like the advice, "BYPASS"...oh and that includes this blog, too! But thank goodness, I have not had to deal with too much non-sense like that over here...You guys are fabulous!

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This is like the topic of the day LOL, I was on another blog where the author shared a bit of an email from a disgruntled reader who felt she'd hyped coconut oil use and was wrong about it's effectiveness.

I think when people stop looking for the magic pill then they can appreciate the advice given. And leave it when it truly is a product that simply doesn't work for them.

Wow! Great and necessary post! Very well said! It's funny you wrote about this b/c lately I haven't visited my usual hairsites for this reason. I found myself getting a bit caught up in "hair" so I've stepped back and just did my thing. I appreciate your site for being so diverse and open about hair and fashion.

This is crazy.....everybody just need to calm down and go get a massage or something. geez.....i mean really? Its hair ladies!!!

Oh, you hit it on the head. That is one of the reasons I don't visit some sites like LHCF. I was turned off by these types of forums a long time ago when the big debate of what's natural hair and what's not natural begin. I think that some people can be too opinionated and thrive off of negativity. This defeats the whole purpose of the topic-which it to educate. So I prefer to stay away from it.

Great post!!!! People need to learn how to respect others and their opinions. And always remember, what works for you doesn't always work for another. I've been a loc wearer for 6 years. I get questions on what/how to do, some stating that they would like to try it, but would only take the risk if it will turn out like mine...I stop them right there and tell them straight 'locs are like fingerprints, no two heads are alike.' Love and nurture your hair, but also KNOW your hair.


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