Product of the Day: Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme

This is one of the products that Tanika Ray recommends in her post. I never heard of this brand prior to this, but now I am curious to find out more about it. It's description boasts that it defines curls, lift roots and adds body. Hmmm, sound like a good recipe for my limp hair. Oh, and there reasonably priced! Read more bout Bumble and Bumble products.
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I use bumble and bumble products quite often -- my gym provides the B&B shampoo, seaweed conditioner, styling creme and holding spray in the locker rooms.

Overall B&B products are a little drying to curly hair.The styling creme, although, a creme, gives no moisture. I have to use it in combination with my leave-in.

The holding spray, however, gives fantastic hold. If you want you curls to have the fresh out the shower wet look yet you want your hair to be dry -- that is the product to use. But again it's a bit drying so I don't use it everyday.

The most fantastic B&B product for curly girls is the B&B Kinky Girl Creme. It is a leave in condition that gives wonderful moisture without weight. Kinky Girl is in my top 5

Yeah, I have seen this products at target and ricky's . I wanted to try some but im trying to fall back on the pjism :D ;D

seriously love his product///cant live w/o b&b styling creme n paul Mitchell foaming pomade///best combo after hopping out the shower and applying on wet hair///the styling creme holds the curls all day///it softly defines the curls////lovessssss it

I've seen this product in Ricky's also but the price has often persuaded me from purchasing (The bottles are small).

I just bought some a few weeks ago...I will try it in the morning with my wash and go and let you know.

i just bought the styling creme, but for 14 bucks for 4 oz...i'm not sure if i'm getting my money's worth right about now

Ok..I tried it with a couple of different leave did nothing for my 4 a/b hair...

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