Product of The Day: Wen Healthy Hair Care System

While I rarely believe anything that I see on infomercials, I was ran across an advertisement for this hair care system so I had to look into it. Wen, developed by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, is a hair cleansing conditioning system that takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. Wen is designed to add shine, body, and lessen frizz. Sounds great doesn't it?
The cleansers are made with natural ingredients, and contain no sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents that are commonly found in shampoos. The complete system includes the Conditioning Cleanser, Styling Creme, Repair Mask, and Texture Balm for less than $30. This is certainly added to my must have list. Read more about Wen.
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I was skeptical about WEN, but got some for my birthday last year. I have had wonderful results. Both when I was relaxed (made my hair shiny and bouncy without other products) and natural (defines my curls, keeps them soft without drying them out). The only problem I had is that it can cause build-up if you don't completely wash it out. Other than that it's the best...especially since I'm natural now. I tried many other products, including Miss Jessie's but a mix of WEN conditioner as leave-in, the styling gel, and little drop of the oil is the perfect combo for my natural hair. I will definately be repurchasing the complete system in the near future!

Please let us know how it works for you!!

I saw the infomercial and there was one part the just made me cringe! The stylist and Melissa Gilbert were looking at a black woman's hair and they were just touching and playing with it and saying it was so soft. Then Melissa says that its true that Wen can work on all types of hair. That just reminded me of the times when people have reached out and touched my hair. It also reminded me of a documentary 400 years without a comb (its on Youtube) where the White people first see a frightened slave and they touched her hair just like that. It just gives the creeps!

I've heard nothing but good things about WEN. If my money was right, I'd buy some!

I love this product. Actress Sacha Kemp turned me on to it. We were working on set when I just had to ask what hair products she uses. I swear the woman has the most beautiful curls! Anyway, the product is pricey but nothing has worked better at nurishing and de-frizzing my curls. I love the sweet almond mint. I used the "fig" one first but it doesn't work as well as the sweet almond mint. Atleast for me.

UC to Bronze Trinity-You know that part made me mad also, because I get the same dumb remarks when I go to Dominican Salons or non-ethnic salons. They automatically assume our hair is hard. So when they touch my hair they always say "ooh, very soft" EVERY-TIME! What the hell do they think, of course our hair is soft. I digress!

But thanks for bringing that up because that was a "oh, no she didn't" moment! LOL

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