Tanika Ray Dishes A Few of Her Hair Secrets

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Tanika Ray's opens up and share a few of her hair tips on her Essence blog.

"I love sticking to what works but it's still imperative to experiment with numerous products. I have met soooo many woman with sooooo many various types of hair and one product does not fit all, but here are some to try ...

Products: - Citre' Shine (super affordable shine and drugstore find)- Bumble and Bumble Styling Crème- Miss Jessie's (anything by this sister team)

Tips:- only comb hair when in the shower and under the water - let your hair air dry without touching it (seriously hands off)- once dry use only your hands to loosen up the curl

Warning: When wearing your hair curly and natural be prepared for an unpredictable outcome. Everyday my hair takes on it's own personality. If you're type A ... this is not the style for you."

Based on the above photos, it doesn't look like Tanika have a weave after all. This is what my hair looks like when I put it up in a ponytail. Now, I just need to find out how to get that volume. Nonetheless, her hair is uberly fabulous. Also, note that she does the shower detangle method-I tell you this works wonders!
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Gotta love Tanika! That's how I wear my hair when I'm going to bed.

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