Video of The Day: Create A Curly Fro

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Cute results! The following video is the instructional...

Interesting, nonetheless worth trying!
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It worked for me! I tried it on dry hair last night and my hair is really curly today. This is awesome!

The ladies in both instructional videos have WAY more hair than I do, so I'm wondering how this will look on shorter hair?

I am definitely always looking for a shorter process for my curly 'fro because two strand twists take

I'll try it....

Great videos, I will definitely try these this week!!

Wow! Like Ebony traveler, I wonder how this will work on shorter hair. My hair also seems a lot denser than either lady, but I am still very curious.

Ok...I tried this technique after I did my twist out and it worked great!!!

I no longer have to re-twist my hair at night so I can maintain my coils....I just set it at night using this technique and my coils are wonderful in the morning.

I have been wearing my hair in a 'fro hawk and my nightly routine has been cut down drastically....

Thanks UC :-)

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