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How do I achieve “Day 2” hair? -Tamika

Hi Tamika,

Achieving day 2 hair can be tricky and varies depending on style. Twist outs are usually the easiest style to achieve day two hair on. However, I've managed to get day two, three and four out of a variety of styles. Some helpful tips are to sleep on a satin pillow at night or wear a bonnet to bed. You can also section the hair into two low ponytails and in the morning fluff it out again. I noticed many people re-twist their hair at night, this helps achieve a fresh look.

The type of product is also important when trying to add longevity to your hair style. Opt for products that are rich but not too heavy. I've always had success with Miss Jessie's and Ouidad is another great product.

Fyi, the one style that I have not been able to get day two hair on is the curly fro. I've tried 3 times and have given up on day two hair of this style. So I just do it over every night.

Good Luck!
2 Responses:

I tie up my hair every night, either by twisting or braiding and then putting on a satin scarf, I don't know why anyone else would skip tying up their hair if they wanted to acheive the same definition and look.

The curly fro looks best on my hair when it's done on day 3 hair.

Oh I meant to add that I have to do my curly fro over each night as well.

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