Get This Look: Solange's Roller Set

Did any of you see Solange's performance last night on Fashion Rocks? It was fantastic, so I thought it would only be appropriate to highlight her fabulous hair for the Roller Set How-to Tutorial. Solange's hair and fashion sense is really growing on me. Her sets are absolutely divine. So for all of us who want this hair-or at least a version of it-here's how to get it~

Rat-tail comb
6 large duck bill clips
Approximately 20 rollers (and clips/pins to secure) or flexi-rods
Leave-in conditioner or setting lotion
Hard hood hair dryer

Start by washing and conditioning (co-washing) your hair as usual
Apply the leave-in conditioner/setting lotion of your choice
Using the end of a rat-tail comb, create 6 sections and secure each section with a duck bill pin
Using a rat-tail comb, take sections of hair think rectangles about 1 1/2 inches wide and gently detangle from end to root
Wrap each section around a roller and secure on both sides with clips. Large flexi-rods can also be used. Note: Roll the top going back and the sides and back downward-sort of like a mohawk. You should start from the front of your hair and work your way to the back. You should end up with approximately 18 to 20 rollers throughout the head
Sit under a hair dryer for about one hour, until hair is completely dry
Remove rollers and finger style hair just enough loosen up curls

Your results will vary depending upon your hair texture. So ladies if you have very textured hair, your results may look more textured and may frizz more easily. That's okay, in my opinion that just adds character to the style. Also, keep in mind that this is not a long lasting style. This style may give you day two hair, but it will rarely last more than a couple of days.
2 Responses:

I love the roller set look, i've never tryed but will be doing so now.

? can the roller set also be done when wearing a weave.?

I love this look on Solange. She rocks it so well. I think the biggest issue when rocking a rollerset is combatting frizz. This look is perfect and frizz-free.

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