How to Capture Your Texture


I had big dreams about my natural texture before transitioning to natural hair. I would often gaze a photos of Kelis and others models and declare "this is how I want my hair to look". Naively, I thought that once the perm was all gone, I could just wash and go and live happily ever after.

Well, it did not quite work that way after the big chop. That same curly texture that I once admired was now a puff of dry frizz. I was disappointed, not only for being naive but because I just could not figure out how to capture that curly pattern after my hair dried. And after many unsuccessful tries, I eventually gave up and came to the conclusion that it just was not possible on my texture. So, I would wear braidouts, twistouts or rod sets to create a curly look.

I was only recently that I finally figured out how to capture my natural texture. I wish I can attribute it all to one product or one method. But the truth is that it came from a combination of things.

1) First, avoid brushing that hair to detangle. If it is a must detangle with a brush or wide tooth comb while in the shower.

2) Skip the towel blotting and allow hair to drip dry.

3) Section hair into 2-4 large sections and secure with duck bill clip.

4) Apply product of choice to 1 1/2" sections of the hair (my current obssession is Ouidad Climate Control Gel but it also work with Cantu, Lekair Pink Gel, Miss Jessies Curly Pudding).

5) Smooth the product from root to tip, paying special attention to the root.

6) Repeat this step until the whole head is complete.

7) Diffuse, air dry or sit under the dryer. The key is to not touch your curls until they are completely dry. Once dry, your hair should look the same way it did when it was wet.

8) To stretch the curl, blast the roots with a nozzled dryer while stretching hair into a downward direction.

The results are magnificent. I've been getting compliments left and right.

6 Responses:

Ooooh! A new technique. I'm going to try it on my day off tomorrow and let you know. If it's really cute, I'll send you a pic.

omg, I just recently chopped off my relaxed ends in June and man, I am just a frizz ball. After reading your steps~ I see that I am doing it ALL wrong. When I'm done with my protective styling- I will definately try this.

I wonder how this would work on my hair. It's not that long... It's in that funky in between stage... not a TWA, but not very big either.

pictures, pictures and more pictures please :D

This is exactly how I do my curls as well... However, my fav product (of the moment) is the Kinky-Curly Custard. I haven't tried any of the Ouidad products yet, but I've heard that they're very good though.

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