How to Create A Chic Braidout

Braidouts are one of my all time favorites styles on natural hair because it is versatile and long lasting. There are so many ways to achieve a great braidout. Set it on wet hair if you want tighter results and on dry for big and loose hair. Braided straight back will give you a more formed look, while individual braids braids provides fluffy curls. So as you can see, the sky is the limit with braidouts.

Rat Tail Comb
Gel or Pomade

1) Wash and Condition (Co-wash)

2) On wet hair, gently part hair going from front to back. Apply gel or pomade to hair and braid from front to back. Or you you prefer single braids, part hair in sections and braid from root to end.

3) Repeat this step until you complete the entire head. You should have approx 9-12 braids. Remember smaller braids produces tighter curls and larger braids will produce looser curls.

4) Allow to set overnight.

5) Unravel and fingerstyle. Pay special attention to the front to conceal the parts.
3 Responses:

Can you post some pictures comparing the braidouts(the one straight back vs. individual braids), specifically the individual braids? I have never seen one.

Sure, I will post some this weekend because I can't find any good illustrations on the web.

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