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Mariah C., Rihanna, Beyonce Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Mary J. Blige, Fergie, Carrie U., Keyshia Cole, & more. Love the song...I hate I missed the performance. What do think about Beyonce's do? The jury is still out here.
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I love Beyonce like the next fan, but I'm not loving her hair. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she didn't have time to change her hair style after filming scenes for her new movie in which she is playing Etta James.

Either that or her hairstylist needs to be fired with the quickness.

I'm not feeling the hair at all, I don't think hair that short fits her..

Yeah... I agree. It looks like she didn't change her hair after filming the Etta James movie. Nevertheless, she still looked beautiful. Do it B!

I love the song. It's good to see of those celebs giving their time for a cause such as this.

hmmm... first let me say, I am the ultimate fan of Ms. Beyonce... ok, well maybe not, but I do love her work and I definitely see her as a trendsetter. I think because this hair is so different than what we're used to seeing on her, I think it's kinda taking us by surprise. I think maybe YouTube was kinda fuzzy, but to me it looked like a coiffed Elvis look and I don't think that's what she was going for... Maybe it's also the clothing she's wearing... if she were in a fierce dress with that hair, it may have looked better. Regardless... I don't particularly care for it but if it's something that she's now trying to sport, I'm sure - like every other style that's new - it'll grow on us. If she was between sets on the new movie, then she should have had her assistant/runner find her a wig and cover it up. Either way, no love lost... just waiting to see what she'll look like the next time we see her.

Beyonce's hair looks very costumey. I get it though...she's filming the Etta movie.

Just a bad wig.She's beautiful though, I'm sure HER real hair would look cute short though.

She is a risk taker so I appreciate that atleast:)

I love that song! and b's hair is ummm ok... I mean I'm kind of tired of all the lace fronts however I am down for new styles and ideas. So I do give credit for her trying something new but I think I am sooo over the blonde hair on B.... I dont know

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