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I wanted to share with you this wonderful email I received over the weekend. Thanks Makieya.
"So I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I have to say when you first mentioned not using a comb anymore, I thought you were talking crazy. And then I thought, that couldn't work for my hair. Its a much tighter/nappier type of curl & it would never work.
Fast forward a few months:I saw your entry where you posted a youtube video with a girl & her half wig. I was amazed & intrigued. So a friend of mine & I went out & bought ourselves wigs. We've been rocking them fiercely ever since. But through this, I've inadvertently stopped using fine tooth combs. I'd resorted to finger combing and a wide tooth comb if necessary & I usually keep most of it braided. I'd thought about your entry & not using combs and said to myself "why the hell not?"

I washed my hair the other day & happened to glance in the mirror. I definitely saw a distinct curls. You don't even know how excited I was! And utterly amazed. So I just wanted to drop you a lil note saying Thanks for sharing your wealth of info on natural hair."

2 Responses:

UC, I think that finger combing is a solid tip. I've been alternating between finger combing and using a wide tooth comb to detangle and so far, I see a difference. I have less breakage than brushing. Maybe one day soon I will give up the comb completely.

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