Make Peace With Your Curly Hair

Ever since I made the decision to go natural, I've had a love-hate (more like dislike) relationship with my hair. When days are good, I love it. When days are bad-boy they're bad and I think about cutting, relaxing, weaving-you name it, I've thought about it. But when I start to feel this way, I start to reflect on the reasons I love curly hair-my curly hair.

5. It's versatile. Unlike relaxed hair, I can wear my hair curly and I can wear it straight.
4. It's a conversation piece. Like a piece of abstract art, sometimes people don't know what to say about my hair-either they love it or they absolutely don't get it. Either way, it is usually a dialogue starter.
3. Shrinkage. Wow, what can I say? Shrinkage is something that I've grown to love. Whenever I get the itch for shorter hair, I just don't stretch it out. I love to create a faux bob or shag-all compliments to shrinkage.
2. Exudes personality. No matter where I am or what I am wearing, my curly hair speaks volume about my personality. I've been told that it makes me look youthful, unconventional and an out of the box thinker.
1. It's fun! This is what I like the most about my curly hair. I don't take any style too serious and I like to experiment with it.

These are just some of the reasons I love my hair. When I am having a bad hair day, I reflect on these reasons to make peace with my hair. What are your reasons for loving your curly coif?
7 Responses:

What I love most about my curly hair is that it's funky. It allows me to stand out in the crowd.

Since I started transitioning I feel more confident and healthy. I think I'm probably the only person at my university with hair like mine and I love it. I actually walk with my head held high. I love having such big hair. Thankfully I haven't gotten any negative comments from friends, family, or people I know so I'm very happy!

I love my hair for the exactly same reasons.

I love my curly/nappy/kinky hair because it is a symbol of my strength. On a daily basis, I strap on my boxing gloves and fight mainstream and stereotypical ideals of what "I am supposed to be".

Hmmm... where do I start??? I love my curlz because most of all.. it is ME. No holds barred... it is me in your face telling you to accept it or get lost, because it isn't going anywhere. It has given me more confidence than I ever thought it would. I love how it feels...I love that it can do color without damage (and I love me some color) and I love that my husband loves it. I can be versatile and change my look... I even love that I now have BODY! I am glad that I am no longer slave to the every-8-week-perm. Sure there are some bad days... but on those days, I just re-wet and go. MOST OF ALL... WHAT I LOVE... is when the very people, sisters try so hard to emulate their look after(the indian or asian with the thick straight tresses) tell me that they "wish" their hair could curl like mine, I grin from ear to ear! Who would have thought... we spend so much time trying to look like them and they are silenting wishing they could be like us... imagine that. So those are some of the reasons why I love my hair. It's me... take it or leave it - but it doesn't change a thing. SMOOCHEZ! :)

I love my hair because it WOWs people. My girlfriend just got married and I was in the bridal party. The 1st night of rehearsals, I rocked a kinky version of the Eva-twists. The 2nd night, I wore my pony fro with my work clothes. One of the bridesmaids asked what I was planning to do with my hair for the wedding (and mind you every lady within earshot was tuned in for the answer :o) My stylist did not disappoint. My blowout was styled into a sleek updo with barrel curls down the side. Absolutely gorgeous. Those same ladies told me that "I had the hair other women dream of."

I love how touchable my hair is! I used to flat iron it every week. In comparison my curly hair is lighter, more healthy looking/feeling (not as many split ends on display!) and def more interesting. I love it. :)

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