My Hair Is Thirsty?

I've notice over the past couple of weeks (since I neglected by Crisco) that I noticed my hair has become dry. I know part of it may be a result of the changing weather, but the bulk of the dryness is due to to lack of moisture as I've been sampling new products and skipping on the moisture. Needless to say, I just got finished slapping the Crisco on my hair.

Moisture is a essential part of a curly girl's routine and one that should not be skimmed on. I have learned that the hard way as the last couple of days I've noticed my ends are frizzy and getting those lovely balls at the end. This is a the number one sign that the hair is thirsty. Other signs of dryness includes lack of shine, rough texture, excessive shedding, or lifelessness.

Use products that are enriched with moisturizers such as moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins. Petroleum, mineral oil, and alcohol are ingredients we should avoid. Our hair drinks moisture, so apply it generously. Your hair will thank you.
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Moisture is absolutely necessary, especially if you want to protect the ends of the hair. I apply some sort of moisturizer everyday like Cantu Leave-In or Shea Butter. I also EVOO every two weeks.

Please explain the Crisco usage:) I think I've heard of people using this before but don't recall, I can assume the benefit but why Crisco oppose to say olive oil?

And on this note I'm learning to keep my hair moist, I'd assumed my hair would only grow to a certain lenght but it's most likely due to it not being moist enough so doing more to ensure it gets what it wants:)

I am currently in Day 3 microtwists and I notice my ends are extremely dry. In the morning I have sprayed a little castor/olive/coconut oil mix in my hand and rub it on my hair from my scalp to the ends, I also use QP Mango Butter to retwist a little at night...but my hair still tends to be dry. I am going to do a cowash tonite, maybe that will help.

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