My New Obsession: The Curl Fro

Y'all I really have to get a new camera so I can post some photos. If I can ever provide you one piece of advice...Don't ever let a teenager touch your camera! Now I am on the search for another camera, mind you-that was not in my budget. I digress.

On to better news, I have rocked the curly fro (by default) twice this week and I absolutely loooooooves it. The reason I added by default is that I've been wearing the fingerstyle/shingling method and it was getting old but I did not feel like washing my hair. So I decided to try the curly fro. Well, it turned out fabulously on the first try. Then I tried it again last night and even better the second time around. Soooo, I think this is going to be my new style of choice. At least until something better comes along!

Oh, and through trial and error, I've found that it works better on rollers than tucked in. I used flexi-rods and they are comfortable enough to sleep in. Also using a cream based moisturizer like Miss Jessie's Buttercreme when setting it makes the curls buttery soft. Additionally, I find that it's best to leave about 1 1/2 inch of the ends of the hair untwisted while you're rolling the hair. This allows the ends of the curls to form better. I am 97% obsessed with style and currently working on perfecting it.

So ladies, if you want that roller set, curly, Tanika Ray/Tracee E. Ross inspired hair-this is the technique that will easily give it to you. Good luck and hopefully, if I can get my hands on a camera, I will snap some photos to post.
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OMG, the curly fro is my new style!! I'm taking pictures ASAP to show people. The style lasts, and it doesn't take much effort. I use a mixture of Biolage ultra moisture conditioner, shea butter, and water to moisturize with; its been a couple of days, and my hair still feels soft and moisturized.

I am loving the curly fro too. It is my new style for transitioning. I haven't tried it with flexirods though. I tried it with braids instead of twists and that gave me a nice style that was more stretched out rather than big and full. Its a different look but I think I prefer the twisted one. Its easier to do the twists. Next week I'll try it with flexirods. My hair looks so good!

The photo is amazing. I love it!

I still can't get it to work! WAAH!!!

OK OK y'all... you have convinced me. I am going to try this next weekend - after I get my hair straightened for a clip this week. I am cautiously optimistic... but excited all the same.

I have been doing the curly fro for a few weeks now, very easy to do, but I rock mine as a super Cute High Ponytail. Lasts longer than any twist out that I've done. I use Bumble & Bumble Styling Creme and Citre Shine Miracle, and when I'm done I spray some Jamaican Mango & Lime Gro Spray! Its good and quick, though I am working on Rocking it as a Fro...(still having a few technical difficulties!)

I normally do the tuck method but I see that the rollers aren't so hard to sleep in so I'm totally giving this a try :) maybe tomorrow I can get to sally's

I've done the curly fro several times and i love it, mainly because after blowing my hair out so much, the curly fro is one of the only ways I can get a curly look while hiding my straight pieces.
I use flexi-rods, blue ones, and Lottabody setting lotion. Here's a pic from when it's first done. Hadn't gotten good and "big" yet.
A different look:

The makeup in this picture is SICK. Her whole look is SICK!

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