Reader Submission: Bourgieadventures' Curly Fro

"I've done the curly fro several times and i love it, mainly because after blowing my hair out so much, the curly fro is one of the only ways I can get a curly look while hiding my straight pieces. I use flexi-rods, blue ones, and Lottabody setting lotion. Here's a pic from when it's first done. Hadn't gotten good and "big" yet." ~Bourgieadventures

If You Haven't Tried The Curly 'Fro...then you're missing out on a fabulous style! The Curly Fro has quickly become my favorite style of choice. It's quick, easy and as you can see from Bourgieadventures results-hawt, hawt, hawt!
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so how does this work on long hair?? That's how I try to get my hair ALLLLLLLL the time, but it doesnt quite get there w/o looking frizzy.

I do need to give this style a try

@ Wes: I find that you have to sit under a dryer to set the hair.(I just use a bonnet attached to a handheld) If you air dry, it's more likely to get frizzy. After I washed, I rubbed a leave in conditioner through my hair and I think that helps with frizz. If your hair is long, you might want to use more rollers and smaller sections of hair. Roll while wet and smooth.

Doggone it! I just cannot get this to work!

UC @ Sabrina,

What problems are you experiencing?

@ UC: It won't curl! As you saw from my "Road to Natural" pics, my hair is very curly, but it's a tight curl. I tried this by tucking and using flexi-rods, and all I got was a stretched out, frizzy mess! Help!

Where are the detailed instructions for the curly fro?


@ Jae

Let me know if you have any questions.

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