Reader Submission: Katrina's Curly Fro

"By far right now my fav natural hairstyle is the curly fro's simple and it lasts..and my hair feels great!"

One of my favorite UC members, Katrina submitted this photo of her curly fro in response to the tutorial last week. Isn't it fierce? I absolutely love the results.

Read Katrina's Road to Natural Submission. Simply Fab!
5 Responses:

I love it! Did she obtain this look with flexi rods?

Oooh how pretty! I love this style!

n_vizion, I believe she just did two strand twists and either used sponge roller or rolled the twists up and tucked them in.

Verry Pretty, love it.

Mine didn't quite look this good. I'm going to try this again with my hair freshly washed.

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