Repost: The Best Darn Moisturizer And It's Free

Yes, it's true-drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is the easy and free way to keep your tresses moisturized. Keeping your body well hydrated will prevent excessive shedding and those dreaded fuzz balls. And it works wonders for your skin.

Have you had your water today? Well if not, go grab a glass. Aim for four before lunch and four after lunch.

Sidenote: I decided to repost this as a reminder to myself also to increase my water intake. I am on glass 3 for the day.

3 Responses:

Aww Thanks for the reminder.. especially the 4 before lunch and 4 after lunch. Easy to understand....

Yes!!! That is a great way to remember to drink water. I am so bad when it comes to that. Thanks!

I HATE WATER!!! I was so happy when doctor's started telling us that we get hydration from foods and other liquids.

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