Top Styling Methods for Natural Hair

I am still on my lazy kick, so please excuse the intermittent posts. I try really hard to give you at least two a day, but between my 9-5, doctor appointments, and ballet 5 days this week-I am pooped! However, I got this question yesterday from a reader, "What are the best options for natural hair?" So I decided to provide a quick visual of the most common styling methods (in no particular order). Personally, I love to fingerstyle my hair (which is not pictured below). This method gives me the longest wear. I can go about 5 days on a fingerstyle, but I also like all of the methods pictured below. This is just a few methods-I highlight more styles on a later post. I also plan to do follow ups to this post with more details on how to create each of these methods at home.

What are your favorite styling methods, please share?

The Roller Set
Rod Set

The Coil Set

The Twist-Out
The Straw Set

The Braid-Out

8 Responses:

I would have to say mine is the two strand twist and the braid out.

If i want the curly look i twist small and take it out days later.. or if i want the big hair i braid my hair in big sections.

When my hair was shorter, the choice of style was the braid out because after a few days it created the Jenelle Monae look. Now that it is longer, I rotate between the twist out with curly ends (UC, you didn't mention that one) and shingling (Miss Jessies method).

I love all the styling methods

My favorites are the twist out and the coil out...even though set up for them takes the longest. I just watch a movie or TV so that I don't realize that it took 3-4 hours to do my hair.

My favorite is the twist out. I have really thick hair, so it takes me about 3-4 hours to do it (with it looking nice), so like the other commenter, I put in a movie and start to twisting. Then I let it air dry or keep it twisted a day or two, and un-twist it. The style can last for days!

Yeah, right now I'm going back and forth between twist outs and roller sets.

I prefer the twist out look but it definitely takes me 3-4 hours to twist my hair :-(

I'm still in experiment mode with my hair... but the naturo-syles I've been more inclined to these days are the bantu knots (thanks to UC's post on that), keeping that for a few days and then letting it out for a pretty curly do. I also have been doing rod sets and twist outs; twists out more frequently because of their ease. It really depends on where I'm going and the look I want that'll determine the look... My church look is the Tracee Ellis Ross look...

UC I had a question about protective styles that are appropriate during the winter time? This will be my first winter with my natural hair and I am worried about how I'm going to wear my hair. I say that because I usually wear my hair out (like twist outs, puffs, etc) and when I do that I wet it before I leave the house.

However, I leave in the mid west where the winters are harsh, hats, scarves and boots are prevalent. I don't know, I can't imagine wearing my hair in two strand twists for the 3-5mths of winter.

Oh, random note....have you watched the documentary by Terri Vaughn (Levita from Steve Harvey) entitled "Angels Can't Help but Laugh"? Google it....I think you might find it enlightening and also your readers might find it interesting as well...

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