UC Review: Ouidad Climate Control Discovery Kit

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to sample Ouidad's Climate Control Discovery Kit. The kit consists of the Botanical Boost Spray-In Conditioner and Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. I was eager to try the product, but I was rocking a blowout and did not want to mess that up, so I grabbed my niece-pictured below. As you see from the first picture, she has 2-3 textured hair (for those who texture type). I co-washed her hair with Organix Coconut Milk and used only the Ouidad products. As you can see the final product is very pleasing.

To get this look, I started with freshly conditioned hair. I saturated the hair with the Botanical Boost Spray-in conditioner. Then I begin to detangle her hair and section into six sections. I worked through each section, applying the Climate control gel to the roots through the ends. Her hair is two different textures, so as described, I used the "Rake & Shake" method to create cascading curls.

After completing the entire head, I used a diffuser to dry the hair. After 45 minutes, WHA-LAH! (FYI, I know it's actually VOILA). The finished product. Her curls were defined, shiny, and soft. And not to mention, she got day 3 hair without reapplying any product or tying her hair at night (she doesn't listen). I was so impressed that I decided to try it on my hair. Guess what-It worked equally as good. Ouidad products have officially become an UC obsession.


How do I rate this product?
4.5 of 5

Did you use any other products with the Ouidad?
No, I only used the Botanical Boost and Climate Control Gel to set and style the hair.

Does it work on type 4 hair?
Yes, I tried on type 3 and 4 hair and the result were impressive each time.

Does it leave the hair flaky, crunchy, or dry?
No, the curls were soft to the touch and non-greasy.

Will I recommend it?
Definitely and I plan to add this to my regimen.
8 Responses:

Thanks for the info on Ouidad because I've always been doubtful that it was for type 4 texture. The pictures are awesome and your niece should be a hair model because she has gorgeous hair.

Lovely style. Wish I had that hair type. :-( Unlike one of the other posters, I don't consider your niece's hair to be type 4. It's more a 3a, I think. Regardless, it's lovely.

And it's "voila," actually. ;-)

Your niece is beautiful!! Love her hair as well and agree on the hair model comment:)

DEFINITLY not type 4 hair !! (coming from someone with type 4 hair) - like a poster before said, it's more 3a.

However neverthless beautiful hair,technique and outcome!!

To my defense, I was referring to UC's comments under FAQ's that the product works on type 4 hair. I wasn't referring to the young lady's hair.

Ok UC...you need to do a post on hair types...I am completely lost.

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