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The above photos were all styled by celebrity stylist Errol Douglas. He is one of Great Britain's most sought after stylists...and he has a salon. He is credited for styling big names like Naomi Campbell and Iman. One of his specialties is natural or as they call it, Afro Hair. So my European people who are looking for a natural salon, here's one for you.
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thanks for the info. But honestly I don't know if I'd messed with it. Na-na aint have no edges since...since...since. Exactly lol!

I can tell you about that salon because I went there a few times over the course of a few years. When I had relaxed hair it was no problem, styles were fab all the time.

HOWEVER, re natural styles I give this salon a ZERO. Those same pics in this article made me think that they would be able to manage natural hair. So I went in with my freshly shoulder length natural - asked to keep the length and left with a damp, stinky uneven mess (think afro hair products circa '85 - oh, and I had to get the packed-out tube home on a hot summer's Saturday, can you imagine the stink my hair was giving off?). Also the stylist actually left me to finish my own hair, not a word of a lie! She did not have a clue. Of course I was in tears when I reached home and complained, I was invited back for Errol himself to make amends - he did not. The final outcome was a chin length bob (lost about 4 inches in the end), curls finger styled in what the oh-so-kind ladies on the Aveda counter in nearby Harvey Nichols described as the 'bed head' look but they didn't think I'd just left the hairdresser, I would describe the look as mangled - I know bed head and this attempt didn't pass the mark.

The final insults? 1. After all the distress I still had to pay for the colour, only the cut was given for free, and 2. Errol himself made fun of me by pulling a face to one of his other clients behind my back thinking I couldn't see him. Nice huh?

No this is not a salon I would recommend for natural hair. It's over a year later and even though my hair has finally grown back, thinking about what happened to me there still stings.

Final comment - as I was leaving the salon on the second occasion a woman in front of me had just had her natural hair styled and didn't have it all chopped off and stinking of soul glow, even though the style was outdated by about 20 years. Give them a few years to get with the natural styling and they may be worth a visit.

Wow-I am sorry to hear about the monstrous experience! Thanks for sharing.

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