Erykah Badu's "Afrolicious" Blowout

I ran across this picture of Erykah while on my normal morning run to YBF. This is the style I've been trying to accomplish for a long time (sans the big bun in the front). But my hair won't do it-for nothing. When I blow my hair out like this it starts to stick and I end up looking more like Dora The Explorer. The ends of my hair do not stay separated like you see in this pictures. Instead they start bunch up at the ends. I would love to wear a style like this while out on the town. I would not recommend wearing this to the office. Any suggestions?
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Frédéric Fekkai Coiff Controle - Ironless Straightening Balm. It's the absolute best.

Are you doing it after putting on your moisturizers? Like right after?? I ask because I have 4a hair and it's prone to curling onto itself, clumping, and bunching. If I were to do a blow out on hair that I had just saturated with moisturizer it wouldn't go too far.

But if I do it a day or two after moisturizing I'm good. Sometimes it's little stuff like this. Also I can get my hair to look like the hair in the pic with a goody knock off of a denman and a heavy pomade.

You can always go and purchase the same wig that Ms. Badu is rocking.


I used to think that was all her hair until I watched her perform on Dave Chappelle's Block Party. That wig straight blew off!!

And being the bad woman that she is, she took off the stocking cap and kept on performing.

Gotta love it!

But if you do figure out how to get the same look with your own hair, please share!!!!! =)

Try using a paddle/boar brush with a little oil (i like castor) on the ends only.

Angie R.

It's a WIG!

It would be a great style to copy if it were really her hair:(

The alternative would be to buy some pack hair and lay atop your head like she did.

just a thought:) Good luck on your blow out

lol a the last comment. I know it's a wig. However, I saw a young lady with a similar style a couple months ago (it was her hair) and it was fierce. But some reason doesn't work for me. Maybe I will try that Frédéric Fekkai Coiff Controle (depending upon the price) ;)

Umm I accidentally got my hair to do something like that. I blow dried it straight before twisting, and I ended up not liking the twists, so I took them down in the morning, and the dew got me... It looked like
I advise blow drying it and then putting it in twists, braids or even just a bun and sleeping on it. It will give it some time to calm down, my hair goes into shock if I blow dry it.

I love love love Erykah's hair like that. My natural hair has always done that when I blew it out...I'm thinking serum may help. I use an olive oil growth leave in lotion on my wet hair, let it dry about 30-40 percent and then blow it out and it just looked like that. *sigh* I can't wait for my natural hair to grow back to that length...why, oh why did I ever relax my hair? -__-

Hey chwck out this fabulous video on youtube, i think this might be what you are looking for:

Part 1-

par 2:-

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