For All My Brushers: Goody's Add Shine Brush

Video Credit: EmpressRi

After watching this video I knew I had to share it. Although, I personally do not brush my hair, I still brush my daughters' and niece's hair so I am always looking for the best next thing to finger detangling. So let me say, this video is a fabulous demonstration because as you can see virtually none of her hair is shedding in the brush. Second, this brush looks like it is definitely a winner and priced only around the $8.00 mark. I will run out on my lunch break to pick it up tomorrow because I have a weekend full of natural hair to detangle. Sweet!

***Update: I used this brush this weekend and it is not that great for detangling. The directions state that it is best used on dry hair, so maybe that is true. But my girls have the type of curly hair where is no way a dry brush is going to go through it. So, I only recommend this brush on dry hair...and I don't recommend detangling dry hair. So you know that's where I leave this brush. Btw, it cost 11.99 in stores.
4 Responses:

lol thanks for the update

I have this brush and I do love it. I don't use it often, but on days I just want to pull my hair back with a quickness and without using water, it comes in handy.

After watching the video I bought it and used it once. I put leave in conditioner in my hair and let that soak in and dry. Then I put oil in my hair and brushed. I think it worked well and there wasn't much hair in the brush. I'll try it again today. I think dry brushing is easier for me because the hair doesn't stick together.

Glad my video was useful! I loooove that brush!

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