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A couple of weeks ago, I answered a question about how to get day two hair. But last week I had another ah-ha moment that I wanted to share. Over the past few months, I've been trying various styles and products -many of which claim to provide moisture. So I've been skimping on my normal moisturizing routine. But I noticed that getting day two and beyond hair was becoming increasingly more difficult. At first, I attributed it to the styling method. Then I thought, well it must be the product. I also thought it was because my hair is growing longer. Unfortunately, it wasn't because of any of those reasons. After the process of elimination, I finally realized that my hair was missing on key element moisture.

Here was the test. Last week after my normal co-wash. I coated each section of my hair with Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner and a dab of Crisco (this is a wonderful combination). I dried and styled as usual. The results were fabulous, but even hair lasted 5 days. So, ladies slap on the moisture, not only for protection, but for longevity too.
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Thanks for the info. I have some questions though... How do you dry your hair? Do you air-dry, use an aquis towel, etc.? Also, how many sections are you coating w/how much product? Sorry for the 20 questions... Just wanna get longevity in my hairstyles.

I am still trying to get a hold of my hair, figure out a routine. Your blog is full of wisdom!

Thank you.


I apply product to may 1 1/2" sections. I pretty much just dip my two fingers with the product and apply from root to end (enough to coat the hair). Then, I follow up with the moisturizer i.e. Crisco or shea butter) on top of the base product. Most of the time I allow my hair to air dry or I use a dryer with a diffuser attached if I am in a rush.

I never towel dry my hair. Most of the time I set my hair while it is dripping wet or I may squeeze the ends to stop it from dripping.

Hey, I found this link a few days ago on how to get Day 2 wash and go:

I had a question about winter time and moisture. This will be my first winter with my hair exposed (last winter, I had braids) I was wondering if I should pay more attention to moisture and protective styles in the winter or...just follow the same routine without any special process related to cold weather, snow, blizzards, etc.

Thoughts anyone...

I have the most problems trying to do day 2 hair! I guess that is why I gave up and got it all braided up :-) lol


I have found that my hair is much dryer in the winter, so I step up the moisturizer. Protective styles are good but when I tried that last year I got tired of people asking me why I don't wear my hair down anymore. So this year, I plan to keep rocking my normal dos just adding more moisture.

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