Hairstyle of the Day: Curly Mohawk

This hawt style was created by hair stylist extraordinaire Derrick Scully for Essence Photo Gallery. Create this funky style with a rod set, then pick out the top to create the mohawk effect. Absolute hotness!

Enjoy the weekend...
3 Responses:

Love it!!! I was just on that site yesterday and I missed this one. But it did bring me to think of how much I love Essence's representation of natural hair styles. Just when I think I've tried it all they show us something new.

And they present a nice combination of permed and natural hairdo's Even before going natural I've felt this way. I'm going to try this style on my daughter who is dying for something different.

That Mohawk of soooo cute I can hardly wait for my hair to get longer to go for a funky style like that!

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