My Voting Experience


I missed posting yesterday because I was too exhausted after standing in line for almost five hours in 4 inch boots. Ouch my toes are still screeeeeaming but it was worth it every minute of it. I wanted to take the opportunity to praise the dedicated people who stood proud in the line without complaining. I want to also highlight the turnout of young black men. If my calculation was right, there were more black men than any one particular group. I was so excited and proud to see this because it is just unbelievable to me that one man can electrify so many different people, especially our young men. The right to vote is something that our ancestors died for so to see this finally become a reality brings tears of joy to my eyes.

So my people, if you haven't voted, please prepare for long lines. Dress accordingly in layers, wear comfortable shoes, bring snacks and food, a portable chair, and a book or Ipod to keep you company.

Go Vote!
3 Responses:

Thats good to hear that young black men were out to vote it shows that they do care about change. Now you need a foot massage.

It took me four hours yesterday. This will be the fourth election I've voted in and it's NEVER been like this before.

I really wanna know why it's been taking so long. I guess all the double checking of IDs was the hold-up. They might as well started charging a poll tax and making us pass literacy test like they did in the Jim Crow era.

I stood in line for 3hrs to vote on Tuesday. It was cold and I almost said forget I'll come back later but I'm glad I stuck it because when I finally came out the line was wrapped around the bldg

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