O So Christie's Vintage Waves

Reader O So Christie submitted this fabulous photo of her (KC) version of the vintage waves on type 4 hair. Looooves it~ This style looks so hot with big earrings and lots of lashes.

Christie, how do we get this look? I know it looks simple, but I could NEVER get my hair to slick down like this when it was short so I used to do a puffy version of this...wish I had pictures. But nonetheless, this is for my type 3c-4 women-We too can create the KC vintage look.
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I really like this look on guys. Its called 360 waves. Its so different it looks really neat and tidy though. A guy who does that really takes care of himself because he has to constantly brush his hair. There are a lot of videos about it on youtube.

Wow! Thanks for the feature! I feel so honored. Well, I used quite a bit of product to get my puffy hair to laaaay. 1. Wash and condition. 2. While wet, use almond oil all over hair. 3. Use Fantasia IC gel and brush the hair down. 4. Use wrapping foam. 5. Use paper wrapping strips all around the hair. 6. Dry under a hooded dryer.


This video shows how to do the ocean waves from back in the day.

I think that I just associate this style with men, but to each her own. If you like it, that's all that matters.

My hair was about 2 inches long when I did it. The sides and back were tapered. I don't know a whole lot of men that wear 2 inch long hair. See my Fotki for more details. www.fotki.com/osocristie

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