Please Give Me One Good Reason...

Please give me one good reason not to run to my stylist and get this cut. This is absolutely hauteness and reminds me oh so much of my short mohawk-ish days. Keyshia Cole is so official (when it comes to the hair). Whimpering.
4 Responses:

Girl you and me both. I think about this all the time. I love short hair. Rihanna, Keyshia Cole etc are not making it easy.

you CAN get this style...takes a little work but it CAN be done on your straightened tresses. I think you'll have some HAUTE styles when you do your next blowout. Agree, HAUTENESS!

She is a fashion diva when it comes to hair. This could probably achieved with a straightening comb...but you have to be willing to lose your curls for a little bit. :)
UC, there is a price to pay for beauty.

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