Since We're On The Topic Of Salons...Why?

I wanted to talk about a few things that frustrates me about them. If you can relate...give a head nod. I love and support my stylists but I had to get this off my chest. It's all out of fun. But since I am considering getting my hair trimmed into some type of shape, I've been researching many different salons and I'm a little frustrated. So I have to let some steam off!

-Why are so many salons jumping on the natural and curly trend knowing darn well they can't do natural hair? Their idea of a natural style is an afro or braids or twist. Then you leave out with your hair looking worst than it did when you walked in. I've had one too many experiences with out for wolves in sheep's clothing.

-Why are natural salons charging a deposits? Is this at all necessary? I don't see any other salon charging deposits. See what those Miss Jessies' girls started?

-Why does it cost so much to do natural hair versus relaxed hair? I know it is a little more work, but the fees are doubled, sometimes tripped. Going to a good natural hair professional can cost you upwards of $100 for services. Why?

-Why do stylists say, "Ooh you're hair is so soft?" Well what the heck do they think?

-Why do stylists try to comb natural hair and have you looking like your hair tough like Buckwheat?

I digress, but I can go on and on asking why questions. But if you've been in my shoes, you know my frustration. What are some of your salon annoyances?
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I can definitely relate to price thing! I think if there was a reaasonably priced natural hair salon they would make a killing! When I first went natural I wanted to go to Miss Jessies salon but I just couldn't get over the price- I could'nt do it. But recently, I went to Devachan and I was pleased w/ the results and the price was pretty reasonable (wash & trim: $77)

I have only had one salon experience as a natural. It was for a trim. She did a decent job and it was cheap (Smart Style at Walmart). As far as the deposit thing, I know of a chic that does sisterlocks and she had a problem with people not showing up to appointments wasting her time. So to ensure that they would show she started with deposits. About 20.00 I think. Until you know the stylist's struggles then it's hard to understand why they charge deposits. Some people are just too flakey not to.

my hair is not long, nl unstrectched but it is really thick thus I have a lot of it- I've had stylists change the price on me when I arrived because I supposedly have enough hair for two heads. wtf?

I'm very particular with my hair. When I was relaxed, I had some major horror stories (a reason why I went natural), but since being natural, I haven't had a horrible experience; maybe due to the fact that I've only been to one salon. I live in Atlanta, and I was about to go to Urbanbella (sorry for calling them out but whatever) b/c it seemed to be a natural-haired woman's dream...well that dream was short lived due to the weird payment "plan" and the high prices ($80 for a blow out!!!). Least to say, I didn't go there, but I've found an EXCELLENT hair salon/spa that caters to everyone, and their prices are great (they even have student discounts). My stylist is natural, but she does all type of hair (relaxed, natural, etc.), and she is the best (seriously). I guess I got lucky because I haven't had a bad experience since being natural.

Yes I agree with you. I am looking for someone to do my BC in a few months and I just visited Miss Jessie's and their salon is really nice, but they don't have a wide range of services and they had the nerve to charge all that money in the middle of BedStuy. Its really crazy that people think that natural hair is so difficult to do and hence they need to charge almost double. I guess it is easier to fake it that you are an untrained hair stylist if you do relaxers etc.
Wes - I will try Devachan, thanks for the tip!

I used to go to N'Seya and although I liked my natural stylist, the prices were just too high to justify going when I could do my hair myself just as well.

But it is nice having someone else deal with it every now and then!

This wasn't a natural hair experience but I have to share. When I was considering going for the big chop and researching a lot on the internet.(your site is very helpful by the way) I asked my stylist did I have a Z or an S pattern, she said Oh they're talking about people with curly hair. WTH? About 2 months later I have a head full of beautiful curls.

Beautifully Conjured Up..I live in Atlanta too...since you're so happy with your sylist, please share. Who does your hair?

I've been going to the same person for 10 years or more. She's in Stone Mountain. She's natural but does all types of hair and she can give a fierce cut. She's into healthy hair and will restrict your style options if you hair isn't healthy enough to handle it. She has an equal number of natural and relaxed clients. With her permission, I have included her name and number. (Lydia -- 404 786 6890). I'm cheap, very cheap, but her prices have always been reasonable.

@ Prudence:

Her name is Juliese, and the salon is Tranquility Salon & Spa (404) 525-6161. I must warn you, if you're looking to make an appointment with her, make it at least two weeks in advance b/c she is in demand, and making an appointment within a week or less is very rare.

Well I can answer a few of these:

You're not trained in cosmetology school to do curly hair. Although we learn about each hair type, the focus pretty much, and really this can go for all hair types but shows up the worse for ours I suppose:) But you're taught how to cut, style, you're taught deep conditioning but you're not taught the different needs of each hairtype.

The price issue is partly get over partly the time it takes. The stylist is only seeing a portion of the fee charged and dependent on what style is done, more time is spent on a smaller number of people which means less pay. So you're paying for the time in that chair among other things.

And if I had to guess, many are convinced still that our hair is more difficult takes more and therefore should cost more. Again dependent on what's being done, that's not the case.

I thought the deposit thing had to do with securing a spot I'm sure but also crazy that it's no that way across the board. Perhaps again when it comes to those longer services if I have you booked and you cancel, it's not going to be a quick fill of that spot like that customer that may have called for a wash blowdry and curl that you can call back and say come on in.

I agree with everything you mentioned. I just recently went natural and I feel like a pamphlet needs to be made for everyone that thinks they can deal with natural hair. I had one hairstylist that wanted to glue tracks in, another that wanted to use grease, another wanted to charge 150 for thickness and natural hair, and another that said just don't do anything to it. I am so tired of the ignorance of stylists that I use sites like yours to determine what I will do with my hair on a daily basis. **Can someone please annouce that texturizers are chemicals too!**

I can relate, that's why i do my own hair now. I buy my own products and do my own braidouts which is a whole lot cheaper. People are just trying to get over. I don't trust anyone with my hair. The only place I go is to Super Cuts or Hair Cuttery to get my ends trimmed and that's about it.

I can relate, that's why i do my own hair now. I buy my own products and do my own braidouts which is a whole lot cheaper. People are just trying to get over. I don't trust anyone with my hair. The only place I go is to Super Cuts or Hair Cuttery to get my ends trimmed and that's about it.

I can relate, that's why i do my own hair now. I buy my own products and do my own braidouts which is a whole lot cheaper. People are just trying to get over. I don't trust anyone with my hair. The only place I go is to Super Cuts or Hair Cuttery to get my ends trimmed and that's about it.

We are soooo on the same page!! I haven't been to a salon in so long because they absolutely frustrate me. There are too many stylists frontin like they can do natural hair and they can't. I went to this one salon asked for a deep conditioner. After washing it out she put some producs in my hair, did a little pulling, put me under the dryer and tried to charge me for "styling" my hair as well. What type of style is that? I was so upset because I had to wash all those products out the next night because they were horrible and left a nasty film on my hair!

I feel your me

Yes I feel you!! Oh my goodness I just found out about the prices because I haven't been natural that long AND the deposits. Where did this stuff come from? I don't have that much hair so geez! Now I understand why so many naturals opt to do their hair themselves.

yes! i am a college student, and i am broke! lol why am i being charged upwards 75 dollars just to make an appointment?! then i have to pay for you to actually do my hair...for all that i can do it my dang self!

I recently went to a salon for my first trim in Detroit, MI that specializes in natural hair and the results and price was great!

I am now looking for someone in the Detroit, Ann Arbor area to do a blowout for me, for graduation. The lady that I went to doesn't straigthen hair.

Anywho...does anyone have any suggesstions for stylists in this area?

Also, has anyone gone to an Aveda salon, I've heard mixed reviews...

I could not agree with you more...since going natural (2/2006) I've been tried 3 "regular" salons and "natural" salon and left with dry pockets and buckwheat hair...that's why I'm so thankful for natural hair sites that give tips on how to maintain your hair at home without going broke....

Ebony traveler, who did you go to in Detroit. I'm also in Ann Arbor for law school and haven't found anybody to do my hair! My only natural friends straighten their hair most of the time (one even told me that you have to straighten your hair to trim it, but that's a whole nother post!), so they're no help.

As for Aveda salons, I think the school is great for straight hair textures. My friends have been to them to get their hair straightened, but they get it flat ironed as well as blown out, so it depends on how much heat you want to use. They also go to someone called Donzell at JC Penny at Briarwood, but once again it blowing and flat ironing.

I'm never sure who to place the blame on: the black hair "care" industry, which often tries to get over on sisters, or sisters themselves, who are still under this impression that their hair is some sort of special challenge that REQUIRES professional care.

Last year, after picking out my locs and botching attempts at cutting my hair myself, I went to a department store salon to have the woman cut my hair down to an even TWA. That was the first time I'd been in a salon in 7.5 years. And I was only locked for 3.5 of those 7.5 years; I did ALL my hair myself, including my locs. If I can't do a style myself I won't wear it.

If I could find somebody who loves 4b natural nappy hair as much as I do, understands it as well as I do, and could accommodate my poor-artist's budget, I'd happily patronize them. Until then, though, I will continue to avoid salons.

@ Monique...

Hey, I went to a shop called Happy to be Nappy in Detroit. Anyone of the ladies in the shop would be GREAT!!

A co-worker of mine went a few weeks age to get cold-twists and loved it so....

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