Stuck In A Rut? Try These...

"I would eventually like to grow it out longer but right now I'm having trouble dealing with the length that I already have. My basic problem is I have trouble styling it. I love twists but they take so long and the afro puff gets tired real quick. I'm in a rut I guess." -The Black Dandelion

I can certainly relate to this stage. I go through it every couple of months, but you can certainly survive it just hang in there. Here are three quick suggestions for things you do when you're craving a change.

-Try a different styling method: Curly Fro, Updo, Wash and go or Fingerstyle
-Color: This makes a big difference and can add so much zest your style
-Try a blowout: This temporary style will give a nice fix when you're craving something different. But at the same time make you appreciate your curls more!
3 Responses:

I got a big curly weave which serves 3 purposes:

1) It help me get past my rut
2) My hair is braided up and therefore I can not relax it.
3) My hair grows like crazy when I get a weave because it keeps my hands out of my hair.

Thanks for these two posts. I needed both. I was hours, no minutes, seconds even, from getting a relaxer because I didn't know what to do with my hair. I am a grown woman and I need to have more polished options for my hair. I am transitioning and finding that my new hair routines are a bit time consuming and yet only last 1 maybe 2 days (and I'm looking REAL crazy at the end of the second day). My hair is growing out of a short style so there's the added responsiblity of dealing with that. I love natural hair and the curly/straight option is a wonderful thing. I just need to get past this stage.

Thankfully, while driving to the beauty shop, I got in touch with a a great lady who put a weave in. So instead of the picking-up-a-relaxer trip, I got some black diamond 1B 10 inch hair that I'm rocking on my crown. Love it. It's a great transition option.

What a great post, this is exactly how I was feeling. I think I'm going to get a weave really, really, soon!!!

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