This morning, I literally was experiencing blogger's block...I had nothing that I wanted to talk about. But after a great and relaxing day, I feel refreshed and ready to talk. I played hookie from work and spent a wonderful day reflecting, answering emails and celebrating my dear hubby's b-day-It was a great day. Then, just when I thought my day could not get any better, I received some samples of Jane Carter Products.

Yippeee! Upon receipt, I immediately tore the packet of Hair Nourishing Creme and applied to a section of my parched hair...hmmmm. Pretty good. It's Ultra light and infused with Natural Butters, Essential Oils and Vitamins. I'm very impressed because I applied the moisturizer to my hair several hours ago and my hair is still dampened with creme.

The best part of it is that the crew over at Jane Carter solutions sent enough sample packets for me to share. So I will...

I have 8 packets left after applying the Nourish and Shine and Hair Nourishing Creme. So, the first 4 people to comment and e-mail their address will get a complimentary sample of Jane Carter's Hair Nourishing Creme, Nourish & Shine and a $5.00 Coupon towards your purchase of any Jane Carter Product.
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I've been wanting to try the Jane Carter products but didn't know where to begin, hope I'm one of the first to comment.


The creme sounds awesome!

I've never heard of the products and I'm always looking for new stuff to try it's the product junkie in Me...

I never heard of these products before and I love new products to try. It's the product junkie in me!!

I would love to try the product.

probably too late but what the heck
*hey it was my bday too on monday :-)*

Jane Carter is wonderful. Hope you ladies love it.

ahh man, mad i missed this :( i just saw some Jane Carter stuff at the shop today and was interested about it. Miss Urbancurlz, if you get anymore info or samples or something like that, please let me know!! i'd really appreciate it :)

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