Video of The Day: Bust Your Windows

Awww shucks...hold my drink 'cause this is my song. (LOL) Y'all can tell I was little crazy in my past life 'cause I wanted to see some window busting and drama...but I know they can't put that in a video. Nonetheless, the video is awesome and Jazzmine look extra hawt.

Btw, if you don't have this CD...please get it. It is a definite must have. Love it love it love it. It's a shame but why do I have Lions, Tigers and Bears on repeat in the CD player? Listen to it here.

5 Responses:

Hey UC!
It's funny you mentioned that about the windows busting b/c I was expecting to see the same thing. I just knew I was gonna see some damage! I don't know what that says about me but hey.. it is what it is. Go figure...

Love it!! Every woman can relate to this song..even if they just thought about doing it..Love It

Hmm, I like this way more than I need You Bad. Still on the fence about her though. Have you heard Trey Songz version? - I would love for them to do a duet.

Aw! I wanted to see some car trashing too! lol!

Yes, she does look beautiful!

I'm already a Jazmine Sullivan fan...saw her open for Maxwell last night at Radio City and she did great...and I LOVE her CD :)

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