Video of The Day: I Like This Updo

5 Responses:

I love this girl! Her videos are so great and inspiring....

I wish she showed us how she did the updo... I knew she would not wear it down because when I attempt that same look - twists with the rods, I don't always like the outcome. It looks just like hers started to look as she wasseparating them.

Thanks for featuring my vid again UC :) can you tell that I'm always on your blog? lol Love it!
And thanks for the kind words ebony traveler and laquita!

To Anonymous, this updo is pretty much done the way UC does her 'southern tease' in her video

just one hair stick/chop stick ..but I was asked how to do it, so it'll be in an upcoming video. :)

yay i love autumn! im subscribed to her blog!

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