What Does My Hair Looks Like Now...

I get questions all the time about posting pictures or what does my hair look like out and curly. I don't like taking pictures so it's rare that I will post pictures of myself. But since you asked...

This is my hair after washing, applying product, finger styling and air drying. Some days I will wear my hair shrunken like this. It's really cute and curly.

This is my hair stretched out. Stretched out my curls reach my shoulders or slightly below. This is day two of this style. The longer is stays, it becomes longer and fluffier. I'm in need of a good cut, but I am letting my hair grow, so I haven't cut in a long time. Oh, sorry for the brown walls...
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Wow! Baby soft looking hair. I love the color. The curls are super cute! Thanks for the post!

Not only is your hair cute, but your skin is flawless :)

Hey your pics are pretty. Your hair type appears to a 3c/4a, right? When you wear your hair like in the picture how to fluff is the next day and with what porducts? Sometimes I find that I have to redo my hair the next day, after a sound night of sleep(with a satin cap) it is a mess.

This style is cute - your hair looks great :o)

BEAUTIFUL! I love the hair Urbancurls! Your curls are very well defined, I'm loving the Pics go head on Lil Momma!

Yay, I'm happy to finally see some pics from you!

Thank you ladies for the kind comments.

FINALLY! i love it. what a great, uniform texture u've got...

as i get older or grow my hair longer, it seems 2 get straighter & smoother. i feel like i'm gonna have 2 cut it like halle's new wig ;o) 2 bring the spring back into my curl!

thanks for finally letting us see your cute hair & cute face!

Your hair is just beautiful!

You and your hair are absolutely beautiful!!!!

Wow, really gorgeous hair! I just did the big chop about a week and a half ago after stretching a relaxer from March to September. I can't wait to get back to that length. :)
What did you use on your hair here?

I think I used Lekair Pink Gel $1.99 and Crisco Shortening. Sometimes I alternate the Lekair with the Cantu Leave-In. I always use the Crisco for extra moisture. I allowed my hair to air dry, then stretched it with a blow dyer.

what color did you color your hair with ????? I love it !!! Please email me at nkem2283@hotmail.com.


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