Where To Find Ouidad Products...

Where can I find Ouidad's products?

I was asked this question several times today, so I decided to do a mini post instead of sending individual responses. According to the site, "Ouidad only distributes her products through Certified Salons. Ouidad sells her products direct to you via mail order so that she can offer and honor her 30-Day, Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee! By selling direct, we can offer you detailed information and advice on the products in her line best suited for your hair."

You can place your order online or by calling 1-800-677-4247.

I have not tried the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Gel yet, but that's my next product to try. I must admit, the Ouidad Climate Control Gel is the best gel I've used so far. It allowed my curls to last for days...the only thing that was lacking was the moisture. But in a strange way, I wonder if that's the reason why the curls lasted so long (hmmm). Nonetheless, my hair was fabulous for those two weeks that I used the product. Now that I am out I am crying boo hoo, but I am definitely going to order the Moisture Control Gel to see if that provides the same results but with added moisture...I'll keep you posted.
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