Another Mask To Try...Honey and Olive Oil

During these dry winter months, a great way to lock in moisture and condition the hair is a with a Honey Olive Oil Mask. Honey is a natural humectant, so it attracts and keeps moisture while the Olive Oil conditions and adds shine to the hair.

1) Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of honey

2) Apply to your hair and wrap your head in plastic cap or wrap

3) Leave for at least 30 minutes

4) Shampoo or Co-wash

5) Rinsing well

6) Style as usual

***Update: I tried this tonight. It's too soon to advise about the results, but I find the process a to be a little sticky, but yummy. LOL
4 Responses:

Thanks again...I tried this tonight and then co-washed with organix coconut conditioner and my hair smells, looks and feels GREAT

~Stay Chic

I am trying it this morning.
Man, super sticky! I know it is honey but I almost stopped because I hated the texture. Ha!

Anyway, once I rinsed off my hands, (the water was still cold) I was able to work the mixture in a lot better.

Will do a co-wash after and see how it goes.

I use this mixture every other wash or so. It is great for moisture and shine. Be careful, it is very sticky and you need to make sure it really penetrates all your hair especially if it is very thick like mine is. Other than that I love this!

I just tried this tonight, very sticky but easy to make and simple! excited to see how it will turn out..

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