Are You Protecting Your Hair?

For the past couple of weeks, I've noticed that my hair has been a lot dryer. I know that the colder temperatures have been playing a part and I also had been skimping on proper moisture. But as I've been isolating the reasons, I noticed that I've also neglected my satin pillow case. "Ah ha moment" This is an integral part of protecting the hair, so needless to say, it's on again.

Unlike cotton, satin is not absorbent so it allows the hair to retain its natural moisture. It allows the hair to gently slide over the pillow preventing it from breaking and tangling. This means longer lasting hairstyles and less frizz. Perhaps, best of all, I am able to skip going to bed with that grandma scarf or bonnet. So, ladies whip out those satin pillowcases to protect your treasured tresses...
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I have satin pillowcases. Once when I was seeing this guy, I would carry a pillowcase to his place so that I wouldn't have to wrap my hair in an unsexy scarf. He said I was being bourgie because I was too good for his regular pillowcases. He was joking, but I guess "bourgie" was sort of appropriate!

LOL @ bourgieadventures, yet so true. I did that before. Acually I kept a satin covered pillow at his house. He called me prissy...I called it being prepared.

I think I'm the only chic who doesn't like satin pillowcases! They're not as cozy and comfy as a cotton case (in my opinion)... But in the name of beauty and haircare I can and will make the sacrifice ;-)

LOL! I take my satin pillow when I travel and people think that I am prissy too, until I explain why.

BTW, what are some ways to protect your hair in the winter?

I bought a satin pillowcase for the first time early this year, it has been a Godsent.

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