Bafoonery of the Day: A Curly Don't

I recently ran across this website (link NSFW) and honestly spent an hour laughing so hard my false eyelashes began to fall off. This picture featured above is one of the many curly hair disasters I saw sprinkled throughout the site but this one got me-- for obvious reasons, but I am going to leave that alone and stick to hair. I don't know if that is a wig, weave, straw set or what? But, it's a no for me. Speak on it.
6 Responses:

That site is HILARIOUS, whenever I need a good laugh I go there...what I want to know is where she got all that "FENDI" material to make a suit, cause I know that ensemble wasn't in any collection, lol

Yeah, there really isn't much to say about this except, OMG! Lol

Is she wearing some double knit from 75?? on the hair, it looks wiggy. It woulda been decent if she left off the bangs. Now she looks like a sheep dog. A grinny greasy faced one at that.

haha there is so much that could be said here...

omg, that is not cute at all lol

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