Curly Hair Solutions: Tweek

I ran across this product on the net and decided to do a little research on it. Looks like it may be worth trying out. This product line seems very similar to Ouidad, and I've found that products in liquid form works really well on curls, so I am eager to try it. Also, based on before and after pictures on their web site, it works on many different hair types...including 4B's. Here are a couple of videos where the founder of Curly Hair Solutions, Jonathan Torch demonstrates Tweek and other products from the line. Worth a try!

4 Responses:

I noticed that they a sample package for $19.95. I think I'll give it a try.

For some reason I love watching this video. He cuts a lot of her hair off in some strange places, but I guess I see the point of reducing this so called 'bulk'. The model's hair is really naturally curly and shiny looking. Now that I have watched it again for the fifty-leventh time, the style looks cute on her.

I'd love to try this product. Thanks for including the videos. I'm a new natural (lol) and having a tough time figuring out how to define my curls and go from an afro to my actual 3c/4a curls... :'(

i got a full-sized sample of tweek in the mail, and i use it primarily for getting all of the stray hairs into shape when i wear my hair in a pony puff. it smooths the edges and keeps flyaways in place, but beyond that, for this coarse head of hair that i have, it's just another product that will likely not be bought once the freebie is gone.

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