A Few Things About Aphogee


I decided to try the Aphogee Two-Step treatment on my daughter's hair last night just to give it a little more strength. This was my first time using the product and as much as I researched it, I really did not know what to expect of it. Well, except for the results-I know that it is great for added protein and strength. However, as I applied it to her hair I immediately noticed the smell. It smelled like an intolerable mixture of vinegar and perfume. It was horrible. Then after saturating her hair as directed, it began to run down her face and neck uncontrollably. During her stint under the dryer, she kept complaining about the Aphogee sticking on her skin. So she had to shower afterwards. Needless to say, she did not like her Aphogee experience.

For all those who have not tried Aphogee-here are some things that I wanted to share in hopes to help your experience go a little better than mine.

1.) It smells, well badly-so use it in a well ventilated area. The smell lessens after it is conditioned, but even then I smelled traces of it after a deep conditioning treatment.

2.) It runs - Don't use too much. Also, have a towel on hand to pretect the product from running on the skin.

3.) It's sticky -have a wet wash cloth on hand to wipe up the spills.

4.) When dried on the hair, it is rock hard-do not try to manipulate the hair at all because it will snap off. Hair must be re-wet and softened before any attempts to manipulate.

My recommendation is to prepare for above cons because it can be a little shocking. Prior to using it, I actually read a lot and asked about the product, but those are some of the things that I don't remember reading about except the hardness. Although that wasn't a surprise, I was just taking back at how hard the hair became.

Otherwise, the verdict is still out on the results. I guess I will observe that over the next few weeks. Otherwise, I will probably use the product again with caution. Or maybe I will make my own protein mixture, who knows...
3 Responses:

Yeah the smell is horrid butit works. I put it in a spray bottle to help with the spilling. Also after it drys, use the Balancing Moisturizer is a must. It makes your hair nice and smooth. Thankfullyy you don't have to use it but every 6 weeks or like me before your relaxer service. Hopefully you will have a better experience next time.

Unfortunately, Aphogee's scent and stickiness will never go away. When I had a relaxer and while transitioning APhogee was a savior to dry, damaged hair. On both occassions Aphogee and a trim immediately got my hair back into shape.

Here's what you do, and it may sound like more work but it's not.

Use a pointy tip applicator bottle from the bss. Part her hair in four sections and apply the aphogee with the squeeze bottle. THEN take a handheld dryer and dry that ONE section with the aphogee. Much less mess, no drippies, no headache. It will stick to you a bit but it's not as bad this way. It took me awhile to figure out how to make aphogeeing easier.


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