For My Miss Jessie's Girls...It's That Time

It's that time again! Miss Jessie's is having it's BOGO sale and I just stocked up. The sales lasts until December 31st so you still have plenty time to order. My favorite is the Buttercreme and I've grown to love the Curly Pudding. I've also ordered the Stretch Silkening Creme, so I will let you know how I like it. If you're a Miss Jessie's girl, share you favorite product and let us know why.
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I'm a new natural and have yet to try any of Miss Jessie's. I heard so many great things about these products though. Guess it's time to try! I'm naturally a 3c/4a. Any suggestions? Or just try everything like a hair buffet? lol :]

Curly Meringue was my favorite when I was transitioning. It produces fierce flexi-rods sets. For moisture, the buttercreme is the Cadillac of moisturizers. LOL!

The Curly Pudding is tricky because if you use too much it can flake, but it is the best smelling creme ever. Each time I use it, random people walk up to me and compliment the smell and even smell my hair. It's quite Funny! But, once you find the right balance, its wonderful as well.

Thank you so much for posting this info. A friend introduced me to the line a few weeks ago when I told her over the phone I've cut most of my hair to take off the relaxer after 16 years.

So I got the traveling pack a week and half ago. I LOVE the Baby Buttercreme for most days and Curly Buttercreme a few times during the week. I tried the Curly Meringue (as the guy at the store suggested after he touched my hair). It's okay - I'm not sure I'm ga-ga over it yet.

But I washed my hair a couple of days ago and used the curly pudding. I think I prefer it to the Curly Meringue. I'm still trying to notice the effects of various products since I'm trying to get reintroduced to my natural hair.

ooooooo I am excited I am going to try to purchase some of the products :D. how u doing UC?? long time I know :D

I LOVE the Baby Buttercreme. The scent is extremely pleasant, and it's an excellent moisturizer for my hair during these winter months. I would like to try their shampoo and conditioner.

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