Get This: Mocha Espresso Conditioner

Ooh la la! Organix has done it again with the Mocha Espresso Conditioner. Loooooves it. I found this creamy whipped mocha blend while on one of my trips to re-up on the Organix Shea Butter. Wow, I am glad that I decided to try it because I love this just as much as the Shea Butter and Coconut milk. All I have to say is if you haven't tried the Organix brand conditioners, you're missing out.
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ooh, I can't wait to try this! I love my organix coconut milk conditioner and the serum

~Stay Chic

Yes, Yes Yes, I use the shea butter shampoo and coconut conditioner, can't wait to use this

I love the Coconut Milk conditioner too. I will check out the Mocha Espresso

Do you use this as a co-wash or as a deep conditioner? Does this one have protein as well?

I Love my Organix Coconut Milk conditioner, and I didn't realize how much until it was gone! I was cheap and switched over to Suave Tropical coconut Conditioner. I have to use at LEAST 4 Handfuls of conditioner on my hair to even finger comb it. Agh! So I will be right back on track when I finish off this bottle of Suave

omg, I tried this last night...It is soooo wonderful that I used it this morning as well!

Ok UC, now I gotta start up the PJism again :D...I was doing good too lol. Well mocha espresso alone sounds delightful. I will give it a try when I see it in the stores

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