Make Your Own Protein Mask

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Okay- in light of my Aphogee experience, I've decided to look for alternative methods to getting that much need protein boost without the smell and stickiness. So I ran across a recipe for a protein mask that I wanted to share. Keep in mind that I have not tried this yet but I will when I wash my hair.

2 eggs
5 tablespoons of olive oil
plastic cap or plastic wrap

1.) Mix the 2 eggs together in the bowl until well blended.

2.) Add 5 tablespoons of olive oil to the egg mixture.

3.) Blend the protein hair mask mixture thoroughly.

4.) Apply the protein hair mask evenly to the hair and work through.

5.) Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap (i.e. Saran) to seal in moisture.
Note: The protein from the egg repairs damage and breakage, while the oil softens and conditions both the hair and scalp.

6. )Rinse the hair thoroughly.

7.) Style as usual.
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My mother used to use Aphogee on my hair when I was younger, and I hated it...vowed to not use it as an adult. I'm all for making my own protein mix, and I use ingredients similar to this recipe (adding peppermint oil helps with the smell, and it stimulates the scalp). I prefer it to the Aphogee, and I have great results.

I do this protein treatment 1-2x/month except I add a cheapy conditioner to the mix. Works out great every time.

Actually, Ion has a really good reconstructor, if one is not looking to make theirs. Aphogee didn't bother me too bad, it was just the messy process of using it I didn't care for.

Have you had a chance to try the recipie yet?!

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