UC Salon Guide


Stylist: Taz
3150 Highland Pkwy Suite 203
Smyrna GA 30082

Locks By Tanya
Stylist Juleise
1988 D Dogwood Road
Snellville, Georgia
-- Not big on styles but good at nurturing hair

Tranquility Salon & Spa
Stylist Juleise
320 Parkway Drive, Suite 400Atlanta, GA 30312

New York

Devachan Hair & Spa
560 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
212- 274-8686

Hair Rules
Stylist Anthony Dickey
Apt 1535 W 141ST St
New York, NY 10031


Uncle Funkys Daughter
2428 Times Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

Natural Resource Salon
4715 La Branch St.
Houston, Texas 77004


Ouidad Salon, L.A.
1230 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403


The Curl Ambassadors
159 Harbord Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1H1
7 Responses:

Please don't forget Atlanta's Urbanbella. They are superb, and specialize in natural hair :)




Carlene's Beauty Lounge
2321 Weston Rd Toronto, Canada
tel: 416-241-5694

I have been to Natural Resources in Houston. Lovely salon with really knowledgeable staff. They even have a line of their own hair care products.


do you know of any spots in New Orleans. I have yet to find on that knows what they are doing. I am sick of flying back to Chicago every time I want to get my hair pressed.


I'm searching for a natural salon in DC... any suggestions?

Let me start off by saying, Urbanbella is a beautiful salon. The decor is absolutely stunning, and it should be because the prices are absurd. When I booked my consultation, I had to give my credit card info so they could secure a $50 deposit. I was told to come with my hair in it's natural state (curly), so I did just that. On a Saturday afternoon, I went in for my consultation. When I got there, the consultant which was not a stylist proceeded to spritz my hair with water and apply numerous products to the sides of my hair. I looked like a wet puppy! She recommended two products, but I didn't purchase them because I wanted to book an appointment with a stylist. There was no way I would buy something so expensive and not even know how it would work. I booked another appointment with a stylist, and my initial $50 deposit was credited towards my next service, the two strand twist which I told would be $90. I then asked if she would apply more of the product to my hair because there was no way I wanted to go out with my hair like this. Remember it was a Saturday, and I still had things to do. She refused, and I should have known then not to come back. The following Tuesday, I went into the salon, and the stylist said that in order for my hair to curl like the picture on their website, she would need to cut my straight ends. Per the stylist, the Dominicans had straightened the ends of my hair too much. She also kept asking me if I had a relaxer. No, No, No...I would think that a trained stylist would be able to tell if I had a relaxer. I allowed her to cut my hair, and she proceeded to layer and cut three to four inches off. She did the two strand twist, and when it was dry, she removed them. My hair looked nothing like the photo, but she said it would take about three days before it would be the way I wanted it to be. I patiently waited and waited, and on the fourth day, saw no better results. I called them and was told to take yet another trip to the salon. The stylist twisted my hair again and then said she could not promise my hair would look like the picture. Well, let me say, I wish she would have told me this before I spent $190 ($80 for the cut and $110 for the two strand twist) and about five gallons of gas at $4/gallon. Notice I said $110 for the two strand twist, I was given the wrong price when I booked the appointment and was pleasantly surprised when I got ready to pay. They refused to honor the price that was quoted to me by the consultant.
I will never go back to that salon nor will I recommend it to anyone unless they just want to pick up some products, no services, no consultations! I'm all about supporting my own, but you have to be kidding me!

Wow Allinthefamily,

I'm sorry to hear about that experience. I've been in similar predicaments in the past so I know how frustrating that can be. That's why I have just resorted to doing my own hair which is really a shame when you think about it. Natural or curly hair salons are suppose to make our experiences more pleasant than the typical salons... But... Well, thanks very much for sharing. Maybe someone can learn from this or better yet, maybe the staff over at Urbanbella may read this...

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