All Hair Was Not Created Equal

I learned that this past holiday weekend when my curly crew was in town and I was up to my usual experimenting with every one's hair. My cousin (who was visiting from DC) and I had been so eager to work on her hair. I was determined to show her how to turn kinks into curls. So for over year, I had boasted to her, "Oh, it's simple, just do..." She could never get anything to work like she expected it to. So, we had both settled on waiting until she visited so that I can demonstrate and work my magic.

So the morning after arriving, we co-washed and started finger styling with the Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme. Womp...Womp! It did not work. Her curls would not form. So I switched to Cantu, then gel...and the list goes on. None of my reliable products would give her curls that well defined curly look we both desired. I couldn't understand because these products are great and work just fine on my hair to define my curls.

But even after this disastrous moment, came light because I understood something new about hair-It was not created equal. Meaning your texture is only going to naturally produce the curl pattern that it was meant to produce. A z pattern curl can not be turned into an s pattern. Therefore, you must embrace your texture and the results it produces. There are no magical products or styling methods that will make your hair look a certain way if it was not meant to be that way. However, curl patterns can be temporarily altered rod sets, twists, braids, etc.

So with this revelation, I have tossed my dreams of having hair like Bre (ANTM) out of the window and settled on the fact that my hair will only look like...MY hair. And I am cool with that.

...and my cousin has too!
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Speak on it. Tracy Ellis Ross and every other bi-racial chick on the planet earth are used as the holy grail of curly naturals. My hair is kinky and I love it! I wash and double strand twist it and I get compliments all time...but I live in NY so maybe that's why....

Good Post!

Many don't want to come to this realization about 4b hair. But to me this particular hair type is so amazing and unique, who cares if it won't curl up "nicely"; it can weave it's own patterns.

Plus I noticed this type of hair doesn't need the constant moisture that 4a does and it will grow out faster than 4a (easier to retain length). Well at least those have been my observations and experiences. Most of my hair idols are 4b and I have 4a hair.

Is this a message for me? Thanks...I'm listening and learning.

Natural hair is just simply embracing yourself for who YOU are. Every kink, coil, zigzag,and straight pattern in my hair is in the perfect spot, right where God placed them.
There is only one YOU, embrace her, and be the best beautiful You that only YOU can be.

Happy Holidays

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl who are YOU tellin'! I have 3c hair and in some spots probably 3b- Believe it or not I wish I had a 4a texture, I've come to the realization that my hair will never be that kinky

Wes, are you serious?! I loooove your hair!

I have 4a/4b hair and ladies, I must say, it has been a journey for me to get to this point where I loooove my hair! My kinky crazy hair, as I love to call it, is so versitle. I'm loving my hair and natural hair period.

Thanks for this post!

my sisters have type 3 hair and I am still coping with the fact that I do not but it's great to come to reality! Still struggling with it though =(

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