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On my last post about straightening, one reader asked about how to prevent frizziness on straightened hair. First, I apologize for the delayed response-Christmas season has me running... However, an anti-frizz serum similar to the Garnier Sleek and Shine featured above can aid in preventing frizziness. But the unfortunate truth is that if your hair is exposed to enough humidity no product is going to fully prevent frizz. If you wear your hair straightened most of the time, as your hair becomes used to the straightening, it will eventually become more resistant to humidity. I know this because my daughter has been wearing her hair straightened for over a year and her hair rarely frizzes...even in the rain.

However, until that point, the only thing you can do is prevent exposure by limiting your time in humidity. Try wrapping your hair in a scarf until you reach your desired location. But when all else fails and the frizz monster attacks-a quick fix to that is to wrap the hair and securely tie a scarf around it. This should straighten the hair out again...just like new.
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Thanks for the explanation. I always wondered how some women, who hair is straightened never frizz. I would always wonder but never quite understood. I just chalked it up as another hair type mystery. So are you saying that hair type doesn't play a part in frizzing, it just a matter of how trained and resistant the hair is to straightening?

Basically, yes. In my experience, the hair type doesn't quite play a big part when it comes to humidity. Mostly any type of hair will frizz if exposed to enough humidity. In my case study (like I'm really studying My daughter (4b hair) has been wearing her hair straightening around the clock for over a year. She can go 3 weeks through humidity, rain, etc, without frizzing or retouching her hair with a flat iron or blow dryer.

My niece has type 3 hair and now that she straightens her hair out more often, it frizzes less and less when exposed to humidity.

So in my experience, the hair type plays only a minimal factor.

UC, Great job with the blog!

I've found that my straightened hair completely spazzes out in high humidity (60% and above), but lately pin curls have really allowed me to keep my hair straighter longer! I don't have to apply heat every day, which was killing my hair, and now it's growing in nice and long without heat damage. I pin curl every night, and my hair is good as new in the morning, evening if there was a lot of humidity the day before ;)

Have you tried Sabino moisture block? I haven't, but I've heard great things about it.

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