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The above the celebs definitely represented for the curly girls this year. Teyana Taylor topped the list this year because she makes curly hair look effortless. I have yet to see this girl with a bad hair day. Tanika Ray came in the runner up spot because while she does not stray away too much from her signature "hot rock" look-she has perfected it. Eva the Diva is just plain fab...nothing else needs to be said. Tracee E. Ross gave us the curly fro style to channel this year. And Christina M. rounds off the list because her signature curly girl look is timeless. What do you think about the list? Did I miss anyone?
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Solange rocked the curly look very well this year also.

I have a problem with many natural hair sites and blogs. The cause of my problem- Teyana Taylor. She is not a curly girl. If anyone does *minimal* and I mean a simple google search on her you will find out that she is rocking a curly lacefront. Or just look at her myspace. Granted, it always looks good but I think there are actually curly girls who deserve more props than this girl. What about Halle Berry? Beautiful, talented and naturally curly.

Besides that, the list is good. My favorite curly girls tracee and christina are up there.

You forgot one FABULOUS celebrity. She's this cute chick who rocks the natural like nobody's biznez. She isn't afraid to try new styles and somehow perfects it to her taste. She has a fab blog and is always willing to support sista's in their own quest to be all na-tur-al. In short, she rocks and she thinks that all curly girlz rock too. She's the Urbanista that meets YOU, yes you missy, in the mirror every morning...her name is Ms. UrbanCurlz.

How sweet ;-) very true! Kudos to you UC!

I agree Rikki Tikki on Teyana's lace front not making her "truly" naturally curly, but she put big curly hair back on the map and rocked them! I can't complain about that!

Yes Teyana Taylors curls are # 1

i agree, teyana's hair looks cute but it isn't real!

Hey Miss UC. I Love your blog! I've linked you on mine. It's if you wanna check it out. Keep up the good work!

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