Feeding Your Hair

Products, products, products! Every day, we're introduced to a new product that guarantees miraculous results - longer, stronger or healthier hair. We rely immensely on these magical serums and creams to keep our manes in tip top shape. But through the mist of it all, we sometimes forget that the true key to a healthy mane is not only what you apply on top of the hair, but what you take inside your body.

I was confronted with this realization a couple of weeks ago, when my mother in law was visiting. On one of our normal debates about healthy hair, I explained to her some of the various benefits of my favorite conditioners and daily products. She listened keenly to my list of wonder ingredients - Olive oil, shea butter, apple cider vinegar. She then replied, "it sounds like your hair is healthier than your body". Read More...

4 Responses:

OMG! I love it. Love the article. Love that you're linked up with Missko. Love the whole thing. Do your thing gurl...educate the world on this curly girl thang.

So true, healthy food is truly the remidie for healhty hair and a healthy body.

at least someone said it..i just got here and i love the blog already!

That woman cut to the quick and told it like it was and forever will be!
Diet and heredity are 90 percent of why you're hair looks, feels and does what it does. All the great expensive and inexpensive product in the world will only produce superficial results.

Be well! It amazes me how much we as Black people spend on hair products alone each year. I refuse to be in that number and my hair looks and feels fabulous.
Keep it simple ladies, peace.

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