Good Riddance Baby...


New York City residents are being invited to say goodbye to their bad memories of 2008 and the financial meltdown by shredding their worthless stock certificates and depressing bank statements. Full Story

With that said, I thought hmmm...there are a lot of things I would like to say "Good Riddance to in 2008. To start with...

5. Extra lbs- I know that I can't get rid of that before the new year, but may be next year. Ok on to the next...

4. Red Hair-I am officially black again and don't see myself going back. You know the saying. "Once you go black..."

3. Bad hair dos-no need to explain

2. Being too nice-self explanatory too

1. Spending unnecessary funds-the economy is not playing with no one.

Is there anything you would like to get rid of?
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I want to get rid of negativity. Instead of complaining about something about myself or a situation that I don't like, i.e. my job, financial situation, weight, etc., then I'm going to do something about it instead of constantly talking about it. My new years resolution for the upcoming year is to plan my work and work my plan. 2009 is mine so watch me shine!!! (may sound corny but it's also positive).

The phrase "I can't ---". And I am so with you on no. 1. The economy ain't jokin' w/anybody!

Well I already got rid of my relaxed ends earlier this month so I'm happy about that. LOL. I'm an Urban Curly girl now!

I'd like to get rid of unnecessary spending too.

I'd like to get rid of my credit card debt as well.

I'm in firm agreeance with ALL excluding #4, lol... Definitely #'s 2 and 1

I'm with you on number one...le sigh

Luv your good riddance list. Spending unnecessarily definitely has to go. Also I'm no longer talking about what I want to do (I talk too much) I'm going to take steps towards whatever I want to do and if anyone happens to notice, so be it. But I'm done talking in 3 days lol.

I'm with Wes...all except #4. I love my red!

I am letting go of my inability to say "NO" to more overextending!!

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